My story

About Meaning and Me

My story

As a leader, I had for a long time been searching to find another way to see and understand the human and the organization. I often witnessed how frustrations and crises took power, and only made a situation worse. It was as if the human being had disappeared, including the ability to see the whole human whether you are a manager or an employee.

When I first met Viktor Frankl's works, I was speechless, he was focused at the human as a whole (body, mind & spirit), and he embraced all my notes. In addition, there was plenty of research that testified that his methods work. I fell in love for a split second, and felt a very special feeling in my heart. Here was something that I could not let go of, and that could not let go of me either.

Therefore, it became my passion to work with the individual and with companies on how to find meaning in life and in the workplace. I have a desire to reach as many people as possible with the enormous possibilities that exist in the methods of the meaning psychology.

It gives sustainability in being human

Numerous studies of the meaning psychology show that:

  1. It can help people get out of frustration, doubt and depression.
  2. It provides tools for finding meaning in life, even when life presents suffering and crises, which is inevitable.

Viktor Frankl was the first doctor to also focus on those who were healthy in order to prevent them falling ill or becoming frustrated or desperate.

When you do not have a language or tools with which to find meaning in life, a rootlessness and lack of orientation is created in everyday life, and it becomes more difficult to navigate daily life and its problems.

The meaning psychology is about developing the sustainable human being, also in challenges and crises.

- Anja Elfrida Hald

Personal sustainability as a constant focal point on the horizon

About me

I use both my brain, my heart and my intelligence for meaning as GPS in my work tasks and in everyday life. Personal sustainability is about being a leader in one's own life, and my basic attitude is that we produce our own lives, and we each have a life purpose to live from our personal uniqueness and within that discover meaning in our lives.

I believe that we all have a will for meaning, to see our lives in a meaningful context, and this meaning cannot be given from the outside. It must be discovered from within, and this applies regardless of whether you are a single individual who dreams of greater ownership of your life or whether you are a manager in a company and want greater clarity on which direction the company should take. Responsibility, direction and meaning in life come from within.

Sometimes we lose orientation, and this applies to both the individual and a company as a common organism. Losing orientation can happen due to various change, and fear and anxiety can arise consciously and unconsciously. Then there is nothing to do but get started on re-establishing the inner GPS, so that the course again feels right and the meaning of existence can be clearly seen on the horizon.

I have a long and broad experience with management and research from the field of health and education as well as from the field of innovation and digitalisation. It has so far given me the following competencies:

  • Advanced Diploma in Meaning Centred Therapy (Logotherapy) and Studies
  • A PhD degree in Labour Market Research
  • Master Degree in Public Administration
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing
  • Trained Sales Cleark
  • Certification as Passion Facilitator by Janet & Chris Attwood

I am appointed censor for the Censor Corps for Political Science / Social Studies at 6 Universities. Primarily on master's courses in innovation management, organizational and management psychology.

I am constantly in the process of studying, it opens my horizon.

I am first and foremost a human being

My starting point is that things cannot be separated, which means that in the authentic version of myself I cannot separate my private life’s CV from my working life’s CV. The highlights always intertwine and are a prerequisite and starting point for each other's development.

Many are the times that I have personally had to search for meaning in my life. Both in previous jobs as a top executive in charge of implementing big changes and in my private life, where I have been exposed to severe bullying, deep sorrow, loss, and pain as well as serious illness. I am also the mother of two children, and I fully comprehend both the joys and the fears connected to parenthood.

So with a particular personal robustness in terms of being human, and a great deal of experience, I work with this concept in order to find meaning in life as well as in the workplace.

When you know how to find meaning, you get more peace, energy, and profits in life.

Meaning in life is about transformation by turning challenges and crises into strength, profit and energy