Bæredygtige mennesker giver bæredygtige virksomheder - også i udfordringer og kriser

5 stærke grund til at sætte fokus på mening

Forskningen slår fast, at virksomheder og ledere, der bevidst arbejder med evnen til at finde mening i både job- og privatliv opnår:

To faktorer er afgørende for oplevelsen af mening på arbejdspladsen:

  • A leader’s personal perspective on the question of meaning in life
  • Leadership development of meaning as intelligence and capital in the company

As a manager, you must support employees’ sense of meaning both in life and at work. You must be able to set the stage for individuals to spot meaningful answers to fundamental questions like:

  • What is the meaning of my life?
  • Why do I get up every day?
  • Is my work meaningful?
  • What is the company's meaning?

Meaning as capital and growth accelerator is a new paradigm, which asks us to radically change our way of thinking about the foundation and practices of management philosophy.

Can you as leader set the stage to find meaning in life and in the job?

The ability to find meaning in the job and in life is mental sustainability

Lederskab med mening giver sunde mennesker og stærke virksomheder

Studies on meaning in the workplace all reiterate that when people experience more or greater meaning, they appear to be in flow and they are able to give their best. The studies establish:

  • Virksomheder og ledere der bevidst arbejder med mening både i jobbet og i privatlivet reducerer sygefravær med mere end 50% + reducerer klager over fysiske smerter og udmattelse.
  • Ansatte som finder deres job meningsfuldt er 12 % mere produktiv og næsten 20% mere tilfreds med lønniveau.
  • Ansatte som udleder mening fra deres job vil sandsynligvis blive i virksomheden i +2 år mere end gennemsnittet.
  • Virksomheder med høj evne til meningsfuldhed dokumenterer 19% højere innovationsniveauer.
  • Medarbejdere med en højere meningsscore end gennemsnittet rapporterer 24% lavere niveauer af ekstrem stress.

What if Anja came out to you and told you about how you find meaning in life and also during challenges and crises?

Full power on, you will be shaken up and at the same time get new energy and you will definitely get something to think about and something that you can immediately translate into meaning in your everyday life.

She gives lectures and workshops at both voluntary organizations, private and public companies. Events can be held either physically or online.

Ask for a lecture or a workshop - it costs nothing to ask.

What others are saying about Anja

"Fascinating what happens when you promote your awareness. Anja was incredibly good at sparring with in the process. She showed professionalism, care and respect for the individual aspect of the process."
Signe Schmidt
"Anja is a forward-thinking leader with her finger on the pulse of the new management paradigm. She is sharp, funny, inspiring, innovative, brave, structuring, efficient, focused and does her work with brain and heart with a focus on win-win."
Susanne Frandsen
Business Owner
"Just over 3 years ago, we chose to hire Anja Hald to join our board. Anja has the ability to shake people up, bring in new energy. She contributes a lot, both on a personal level and at the strategic level. She makes one look inward, think. It was an eye opener and it was needed. "
Vivi Nieland
Business Owner

Meaning in life is about transformation by turning challenges and crises into strength, growth and energy