What if Anja came out to you and told you about how you find meaning in life and also during challenges and crises?

Full power on, you will be shaken up and at the same time get new energy and you will definitely get something to think about and something that you can immediately translate into meaning in your everyday life.

She gives lectures and workshops at both voluntary organizations, private and public companies. Events can be held either physically or online.

Ask for a lecture or a workshop - it costs nothing to ask.

In 2022, Anja will, among other things give lectures and workshops for the cancer association Tidslerne.

What others says about Anja?


"Anja is a forward-thinking leader with her finger on the pulse of the new management paradigm. She is sharp, funny, inspiring, innovative, brave, structuring, efficient, focused and does her work with brain and heart with a focus on win-win."
Susanne Frandsen
Business Owner
On the occasion of Denmark's Mental Health Day, we spent the afternoon in the urinary tract surgery section listening to Anja Elfrida Hald, who from Viktor Frankl has told us about how we have a choice to gain meaning in the things we do in our everyday lives. We have a choice - we must not get caught up in what Anja calls energy cysts, which promote negative energy and thinking. We must accept the things we cannot change and concentrate on finding meaning and purpose in life and what matters to the individual. She gave us something to think about, in a good way.
Henriette Jensen

Meaning in life is about transformation by turning challenges and crises into strength, growth and energy