Lederskab med mening

My latest book that gives you as leader greater power of action

Meaning-Based Leadership

Become a ninja at developing meaningful work and a meaningful life in only twenty-seven days

Without a sense of meaning, we lose drive, focus, and direction.Research shows that the ability to find meaning reduces mental stress—and leads to fewer sick days, less frustration, and more fulfillment.

The book teaches leaders to unlock the secret to developing meaningful work and life. It is based on the life-changing meaning psychology Existential analysis, and Logotherapy by Professor Viktor E. Frankl.

Meaning as capital and intelligence is the fundamental basis for growth potential both in yourself as a leader and in the company you are part of.

Meaning-Based Leadership gives you concrete tools to develop an organizational ecosystem for meaningfulness both for yourself and for your company.

What do readers say?

Testimonials from people who were enriched by Meaning-Based Leadership

As a reader, I am left with many answers to big questions for management and with energy to apply the answers in my everyday life. ‘Meaning’ is a central topic, and for all readers and leaders who are looking for both inspiration and instructions on how to start using the concept in everyday life, the book is a really good tool. I discovered through the book how the theory and Anja's examples inspired, to such an extent that my surroundings asked what book it was I was referring to so frequently. ‘Meaning-Based Leadership’ is for the leader who is facing some major changes, but an organization where understanding of meaning and commitment must be raised. The book is obvious to use in everyday life as a reference work and to support the development of new behavior in management and can also be used for self-management.
Peter Rydahl
"Meaning-Based Leadership" is an incredibly interesting book, which is about finding direction and meaning in both work and life. The reader is taken on an exciting journey, where you are enriched with knowledge that can be used for your own further reflection. Great book!
Anne Labich

Meaning in life is about transformation by turning challenges and crises into strength, profit and energy