Anja Elfrida Hald, PhD

Center for Meaning

Viktor Frankl Institute Danmark

Ekspert i meningspsykologien, Eksistentiel analyse og logoterapi

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The ability to find meaning in life has a great positive effect on mental health, resilience and growth.

I work with people who want to develop to the next level in their lives, as well as with companies that want to create transformation and growth with meaning.

Language: Danish or English.

I am an accredited member of the International Association for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna.

Life is full of existential questions about the meaning of life

  • Who am I?
  • Why do I get up every day?
  • How do I find meaning in my life?
  • How do I behave meaningfully during challenges and crises?
  • What is the meaning with my job and the company?

Jeg hjælper med at finde svarene ved at sætte din eksistens og søgen efter mening i centrum.


Kom i gang nu og blive  ekspert i at finde mening i livet

Find mening i livet

Professor Viktor Frankl

Den livsforandrende meningspsykologi

Viktor Emil Frankl was Austrian professor of psychiatry and neurology. He developed the psychology of meaning, Existential Analysis and Logotherapy,also called the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy. Frankl was also a Holocaust survivor.

Psykologiens metoder har skabt utrolige resultater.

The psychology of meaning is about developing the sustainable human being - also in challenges and crises.

- Anja Elfrida Hald

What others are saying about Anja

"Fascinating what happens when you promote your awareness. Anja was incredibly good at sparring with in the process. She showed professionalism, care and respect for the individual aspect of the process."
Signe Schmidt
"Lederskab med mening” er en utrolig interessant bog, som handler om at finde retning og mening i både arbejde og liv. Læseren tages med på en spændende rejse, hvor man bliver beriget med viden, som kan bruges til egen videre reflektion. Fantastisk bog!"
Anne Labich
"Just over 3 years ago, we chose to hire Anja Hald to join our board. Anja has the ability to shake people up, bring in new energy. She contributes a lot, both on a personal level and at the strategic level. She makes one look inward, think. It was an eye opener and it was needed. "
Vivi Nieland

Center for Meaning